Unbelievable Scene: Woman Unaware of Pregnancy Gives Birth in Bathroom with Assistance from Sister-in-Law, Receives Baby in Awe.


This is the moment a surprised new mother, who was unaware of her pregnancy, is handed her baby after suddenly giving birth in her sister-in-law’s bathroom in Delaware.

Doctors had told Carlo Collazo, 37, she was unlikely to get pregnant due to having polycystic ovarian syndrome, which causes irregular menstruation.

She said that she had taken pregnancy tests, one as early as three weeks before the birth, which all came back negative.

Any symptoms she did have, like swollen ankles, weren’t unusual due to standing up a lot at work. She hadn’t noticed any weight fluctuations either.

Instead, she discovered that she was one of the few women to experience a ‘cryptic pregnancy’ every year. The term means pregnant mothers who show absolutely no signs of carrying until the baby comes out.

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This photo shows the moment Carlo Collazo unexpectedly gave birth to her new daughter Amoura Rose in the bathroom without even realising she was pregnant

The baby was delivered in the toilet at the end of last month by Collazo’s sister-in-law, Alexandra Santos.

On the day of the birth, Santos was close to taking Collazo to hospital due to severe back and stomach pain. Her sister-in-law advised her to go take a shower to see if it would improve how she felt.

Santos heard Collazo screaming on the toilet and ran in after her.

Collazo recalled sitting on the toilet and blood and water coming out. She thought she was having a miscarriage until she heard something drop into the toilet.

The baby dropped into the toilet and Santos pulled it out and wrapped it in a blanket.

‘It happened so fast everything just came out so now she has a placenta in her hand and I have a baby in my hand. She’s freaking out. I’m telling her that we have a baby. We have to save her,’ Santos told Fox24.

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A doctor had told Collazo that she was unlikely to get pregnant due to a gynecological issue and she thought 37 was too late

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Castella can be seen holding her tiny baby and crying in the hospital where she and the baby are recovering

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Her sister-in-law Alexandra Santos said that she had to deliver the baby using a shoelace around the umbilical cord

Santos contacted emergency services and was advised to tie a shoestring around the placenta.

‘She was just so precious. She was looking at me and I was looking in her eyes,’ Santos said.

According to Santos, the pair had prayed for years that the new mother would get pregnant despite her medical condition.

‘It feels good but I’m still kind of like in shock,’ the new mom told DelawareOnline.

Her new baby Amoura Rose is breathing well on her own in hospital. When she was born she weighed just two pounds and 14 ounces.

While she is over the moon to be a mother, Collazo is still getting used to her new role and is busy getting things ready for Amoura to come home.


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