Surprise: A Woman Who Gave Birth To Black And White Twins Initially Thought She Had Given Birth To The Wrong Child.

When you think you’ve seen it all, Mother Nature surprises you. Today, we want to share a story about an unexpected gift that Judith Nwokocha, a Nigerian-born photographer from Calgary, Canada, received from the universe.

In 2016 Judith gave birth to twins that had different skin colors. The woman was astonished when she first saw her newborns, a brown baby boy, Kamsi, and an albino baby girl, Kachi. The duo, after their mom shared their pics on social media, immediately became a sensation and went viral on the Internet.

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This is Judith Nwokocha, a photographer from Calgary, Canada that received an unusual gift from Mother Nature

Image credits: black_n_white_twins

She gave birth to twins, one brown and one albino baby

Image credits: black_n_white_twins

The woman was confused when she first met her little boy, Kamsi, who was brown, and her girl Kachi, who was later diagnosed with albinism

Image credits: black_n_white_twins

Judith told Bored Panda that the first time seeing the newborns, she wasn’t surprised because she thought it was a mistake. “I thought I was given the wrong baby. I was waiting for them to correct a mistake and hand me my brown baby girl but all I heard was congratulations and nothing more.”

“Gradually, it dawned on me that she was my baby. And I could only wonder why. There was a moment of confusion but that soon melted away when I carried her. It was pure love for both of them when the nurses laid them on my chest.”

“I wasn’t surprised because I thought it was a mistake. I thought I was given the wrong baby”

“As days rolled into weeks, I began to wonder how society will see them. In Africa, albinos are bullied and not treated kindly so I got worried”

Image credits: black_n_white_twins

The mother was worried to see how society would treat her twins at first. “Thankfully, we live in a more civilized country and even though people are surprised when they find out they’re twins, there’s been so much kindness and admiration. My daughter has been bullied a few times but the love they’ve received is far greater. I constantly remind her how beautiful and unique she is so she doesn’t feel different.”

Image credits: black_n_white_twins

According to Judith, people are surprised when they find out Kamsi and Kachi are twins

Image credits: black_n_white_twins



Image credits: black_n_white_twins

“There’s been so much kindness and admiration”

Image credits: black_n_white_twins

Image credits: black_n_white_twins

“Of course, they receive so much attention due to their uniqueness but they’re just like other regular kids”

Image credits: black_n_white_twins

“They’re best of friends and very protective of each other. They often ask me why they’re different and I tell them God made them different because He chose to.”

“My son Kamsi is very protective of his sister. They’re best friends even in school. Their teacher says they’re always together in school which is a little concerning to me because I’ll prefer to make other friends. Kamsi is a bit on the quiet side while Kachi is more outgoing.”

Image credits: black_n_white_twins

Image credits: black_n_white_twins

“When I had them, I prayed for my daughter’s color to change to brown. Today, I wouldn’t have her different for a million dollars. Albinism is beautiful”

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