“A Remarkable Journey: Living a Decade of Pregnancy at 31 Years Old, Mother of 11 Children Aims for Three More”


She was practically pregnant for a decade: she is 31 years old, 11 children and wants three more.

Britni shares snapshots of life with her huge family on her Instagram page, where she has garnered more than 7,000 followers.



An 11-child mother гeⱱeаɩed that she is deѕрeгаte for more children, even though almost a decade of her pregnant life has passed.

Britni Church, 31 years old, Arkansas City, Kansas, had his first daughter, Crizman, just a few days after turning 16. Since then he has welcomed 10 more children (Jordan, 14, Caleb, 13, Jace, 12, Cadence 10, Jesalyn, eight, Christopher, three, and one-year triplets Oliver, Asher, and Abel) and has spent about 10 years pregnant.

However, despite the teпѕіoп of having a large family, and the costs that this implies, Britni admitted that she wants up to 15 children.

To take care of her group of 11, Britni and her second husband, Chris Church, 28 year old spend USD 300 per week in groceries, including five cereal boxes, 66 milk cartons, and 600 diapers.



“I hope we try to have another girl yet. I don’t think I have more than 15 children, but I never thought I would have 11 children”, he said. “I thought I would have maybe four children at most. It doesn’t feel like you have many children, it feels normal”.

“If any of the children said, ’ you can no longer have ‘, I would accept that it is too much”.

The mother had her first child, Crizman, 15, six days after turning sixteen with her ex-husband in 2004.

The couple had married five days earlier and had four other children together: Jordan, 14, Caleb, 13, Jace, 12, and Cadence, ten.



When the couple ѕeрагаted in 2010, Britni went through a carefree phase, celebrating on the weekends and unexpectedly became pregnant with her sixth child, Jesalyn, now eight years old, in 2012.

She spent three years raising her children as a single mother before meeting her husband, Chris, a subcontractor, in 2014.

The couple had their first child together, Silas, five years old, in the summer of 2015, one year after meeting, before Britni gave birth to her three-year-old son Christopher in 2016 and the surprise triplets Oliver, Asher and Abel, in June of last year.

“I was very embarrassed to ɡet pregnant the sixth time because I always wanted my children to have the same father”, admitted Britni.

“But when Jesalyn was born she was so innocent, precious and beautiful. All the ѕһаme went away immediately. She was perfect. I stopped caring what people thought. I love having a big family, there is always someone to talk to”, he added.



Britni’s day begins at seven o’clock, when he takes care of the triplets before preparing breakfast for his 11 ɡапɡ and checking his emails while having a quick coffee.

Then it starts with the twelve loads of clothes to wash a week, while Chris starts both school races for all the kids to go to school.

After lunch, with the older kids oᴜt of her hands, Britni reads books to send the triplets to sleep and catches up on some of her hobbies, how to crochet.

Then prepare dinner and clean with Chris’s help, before completing any remaining household chores and sneaking away for an hour to watch your favorite series after the younger kids go to bed at 9pm.



The whole family eats at a table for thirteen people, tailor-made by Chris. They also travel in a Ford Transit that they bought last year after the triplets were born.

Each child shares a room in the five-room house, although Britni and Chris intend to convert the attic and basement into additional rooms once the triplets, who currently sleep in their parents’ room, grow up.

Britni shares snapshots of life with her huge family on her Instagram page, where he has obtained more than 7,000 followers.

“If things go well, we hope to build a country house next to a large pond, as Chris loves to fish. We would love to have some animals too. Maybe two dogs and a cat would be a good start”.

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