85+ Trendy Phoenix Tattoo Designs, Ideas & Meaning

Are you thinking about getting a Phoenix tattoo or looking for some inspiration? You have come to the right place.

In this article, we will talk about Phoenix tattoos and their meanings. We have also gathered a collection of 65 trendy Phoenix tattoos for your inspiration

The Myth of the Phoenix

The bird Phoenix is an object of praise by men since the beginning of civilization. This magnificent animal is found in the Persian, Egyptian, Graeco-Roman, and Jewish mythologies.

The Phoenix is a bird with red and yellow feathers, usually depicted as a bird of prey, but can also be seen as a flaming peacock.

The bird is a powerful animal. Even though it is portrayed as the size of an eagle, it could fly with elephants in its claws.

Its tears were another power of this animal since they could heal any wound or illness.

The Phoenix could also cover its body with fire, so, when it flew in flames in the middle of the day, some perceived its brightness as being the sun itself.

But the main reason for such praise for this animal is its immortality.

According to Hesiod, the bird lived nine times longer than a crow, something around 500 years. When it realized that its end was near, the Phoenix made a nest of cinnamon, sage, and myrrh and burned itself, leaving only ashes behind.

From that pile of ashes, a new Phoenix was born. The remaining ashes were taken to the city of Heliopolis in Egypt and placed on the altar of the sun. People believed that its ashes could bring the dead back to life.

The myth of the Phoenix may have weakened in terms of importance during some periods of our history. But, like the mythological bird, its symbolism has always managed to be renewed.

In our pop culture, we can see the bird in works like Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.


Lone Phoenix













Lone phoenix tattoos are tattoos with the bird appearing by itself.  It sounds simple, but this magnificent creature can occupy all of your back skin and look stunning.  The design of the Phoenix can make or break this tattoo on a large scale.

Phoenix on Fire















Phoenix on Fire Tattoos is an illustration of one of the steps that the Phoenix goes through in the process of rebirth.  It must reduce itself to ashes before it can be reborn.  The Phoenix is also known as the fire-bird because it needs to burst into flames to begin the rebirth process. It could also represent the ending of one phase and the beginning of another.

Phoenix and Chinese Dragon











Phoenix and Chinese dragon tattoos hold significant meaning.  If meaning is not relevant to you, then consider that these two creatures produce a stunning piece of body art. The Chinese culture considers the Phoenix as both representatives of the female and male aspects. When Phoenix is incorporated with a dragon in a tattoo, it became the female counterpart to the male dragon.  These types of tattoos hold special meanings for lovers.

Greek Phoenix

Greek phoenix tattoos would most likely be seen in red and gold.  Historically, they have been described to be almost like an eagle in size and physical qualities with gold and red feathers, mostly red. However, the Greeks are also responsible for the illustrations we see of the Phoenix with feathers of a Peacock, which is very popular these days.

Roman Phoenix

Roman phoenix tattoos are a little difficult to describe. The Romans believed the Phoenix made its nest on the top of an oak or palm tree. Claudius describes that once that nest is made, the Phoenix calls upon the sun for fire. The sun replies by shooting a bolt of light to the Phoenix head, igniting, and starting the re-birthing process. This roman concept of rebirth makes a great tattoo design.

Egyptian Phoenix

Egyptian phoenix should be illustrated with a bird that resembles a heron or stork if realistic Egyptian style is desired.  It holds a special meaning if inked with the Sun or Sun God Ra with who this bird is closely aligned.

Coloring of Phoenix Tattoos















Coloring on these mythical creatures is wide open unless you’re a person who adheres strictly to mythological dictation.  If you choose Greek style, red and gold would be the colors of choice, but then you have the option of other colors in the peacock feathers if you choose to use them.  The phoenix and egg tattoos offer the opportunity to use the black and white scheme with the bird being the pop of color.  If you are a person who likes a more understated look, go with Egyptian style; Sun and a heron type bird; muted colors.  The dragons and phoenix offer the most versatility for color.

Placement of Phoenix Tattoos

Most phoenix tattoos would wear well in a larger size because of the opportunity for detailed work.  So the back, chest, leg, or shoulder would work well for placement.  But these birds can also be created in smaller form keeping in mind that you’ll probably want some room for length. If you choose a smaller phoenix tattoo, the best choice would be the Greek version with the peacock feathers. You can place the tattoo on the lower leg with the feathers extending down to the foot or upon the shoulder with feathers spreading down the upper arm.  In this form the tattoo would look gorgeous on the side of your body. But, you can let your imagination work with that and have fun with the design.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix Tattoos for Men

Some men opt to have flames surrounding the Phoenix. Some even have the fire covering the design a bit to symbolize the Phoenix rising from the ashes. But most men like the Phoenix with the wings wide open, which is a power stance.






























































Phoenix Tattoos for Women














Phoenix Tattoos on Arm

Arm is a great location for both men and women to get a Phoenix tattoo. It gives the opportunity to extend the design if you need it.


Phoenix Tattoos on Back

Back provides you a vast canvas to get a detailed Phoenix tattoo. You can either cover the whole back or put the Phoenix on the back of your shoulder.

Phoenix Tattoos on Forearm

Phoenix Tattoos On Leg, Hip & Rib




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