8+ Types of Outdoor Water Features to Refresh Your Yard

1. Pond

Bring nature back into your backyard. A small stand-alone pond on a patio or deck or in a garden niche can be an interesting architectural feature. With ready-to-assemble kits and the wide availability of water plants, a garden pond of any size can be simple to install and maintain. In-ground ponds can subtly integrate with other water features.


2. Statue Fountain

Add a striking focal point by nestling a statue fountain between groups of colorful flowers or lively foliage. Statue water features are an easy way to create instant atmosphere in your backyard. From humorous and whimsical to elegant and calming, the choice is yours.


3. Waterfall

If you have an uneven or sloped backyard, a waterfall area could be a natural fit. Because water wants to flow downhill anyway, pools, streams, and waterfalls are ideal for changing a hillside from a problem to a pleasure. Get creative and DIY your own waterfall out of found materials or stick to a classic natural-looking waterfall.


4. Stream

Even a short, narrow stream can create a peaceful effect as the water trickles and gurgles along. Plus, the moving water is sure to attract fascinating birds and other wildlife. If you already have a backyard fountain or waterfall, a stream is an easy way to extend your water feature. Use a longer stream to guide visitors to secret niches and resting spots.


5. Water Garden

Aquatic gardens open your outdoor space to a new world of plants. Essentially, a large water garden is a pond (although a pond doesn’t necessarily include water plants). A smaller water garden could be used as a tabletop water feature. Blooming water plants such as water lilies, arrowheads, or water hyacinths will add a sweet scent to your garden.


6. Fountain

Fountains come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but no matter how big or small, a fountain gives any yard a sense of grandeur. From ready-made to DIY options, a fountain can be used as an elaborate focal point or a simple sculptural element. Keep an eye out for solar-powered fountains, which are an energy-efficient option with low upkeep.


7. Wall Fountain

Wall fountains make a bold statement in any outdoor space while remaining subtle and elegant. In your landscape, a wall-mounted fountain can help dress up an already existing blank wall. Or create a wall fountain as both a retaining wall and focal point.


8. Bird Bath

A bird bath can serve as a simple, low-maintenance water feature option for your backyard or garden. Bird baths with a fountain installed in them can even offer an element of moving water.

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Birds are attracted to just about any water source, but they most appreciate a shallow basin for bathing. Complement your bird bath with plants that provide food sources for wildlife throughout the year.


9. Tabletop Water Feature

Sure, backyard water features can be big and bold, but they can also be sized to match your available space and gardening time. A tabletop water garden can fit into a busy schedule or small area. Move the mini water feature around to wherever you need a fun focal point. Because they don’t need a pump or power, these small water features are ideal for balconies, small decks, and other intimate dining or sitting areas. Similar to a birdbath, you’ll need to empty and refresh the water on a regular basis.


10. Natural Swimming Pool

Make a statement with this eco-conscious variation of a swimming pool. Completely chemical-free, a natural swimming pool uses plants and a filtration system to maintain itself. Your backyard refuge will get all the perks of a pool with the charming look of a pond.


11. Well

Timeless, traditional, and tasteful. Wells have been around for centuries. While you probably don’t need to pump your own water, a faux well still makes a rustic addition to your garden. Since most wells in a garden setting aren’t functional, a little creativity is needed. This outdoor ornament can become a water feature by incorporating a fountain or water garden nearby.