55+ Masculine Spartan Tattoos For Men Spartan Tattoo Ideas and Meaning.

Spartan tattoos are an excellent choice for people who want a tattoo that represents strength, bravery, honor, and disciple. If you want a tattoo with strong meanings and stands out from the rest, then you should consider getting a Spartan tattoo.












The Spartan warrior culture is the best known of all Greek cultures. Their stories are among the most intriguing, and their fierceness never fails to impress us today, even though their time only spans a mere 400 years (8 to – 4th century BC). The Spartans were one of the three greatest powers in Greece, along with Athens and Thebes, which made them part of some of the greatest battles in ancient history.

A rare combination of unwavering courage and physical strength gave the Spartans a fearsome reputation throughout Ancient Greece. Spartans were constantly at war, yet they always came out on top because they were tough and incredibly organized. A society that produced such a force was bound to have an equally great legacy – their tattoos!

Power and Authority

Spartan tattoos symbolize power. These men behind the masks were some of the most powerful warriors ever to pick up a sword. Those stories still stand the test of time. Spartan tattoos can be a great reminder of the power we possess within.


Spartan warriors are known for their code of honor. There were strict rules regarding honor in the Spartan army, and under this code, all Spartans were equal. In this sense, Spartan tattoos represent honor. Honor is something we all value and strive for it. So people who represent this trait often get a Spartan tattoo.


Bravery was one of Spartan warriors’ defining characteristics. It was their greatest virtue. According to legend, Spartan mothers would tell their sons to return with their shields or on them. There are stories of Spartan armies beating heavily outnumbered foes in battle, and they won because of their bravery and tactics. Spartan tattoos are a testament to the brave Spartans.


Among the most important attributes of Spartan warriors was discipline. Without discipline, a soldier could endanger another soldier’s life. In the phalanx formation, the soldiers’ connected their shields, so there were no gaps. They used this formation to create an impenetrable wall. The whole wall would have collapsed if one soldier had been undisciplined. Thus, Spartan tattoos also represent discipline.

Spartan Tattoo Designs

Neo-traditional style with black and red ink is a popular choice for Spartan tattoos. There are some Japanese irezumi inspired Spartan tattoos that look incredible. But my personal favorite would be black and grey realistic tattoos. Whatever your preference may be, it’s safe to say that Spartan tattoos look good in any style!












Spartan Tattoo Ideas

There are hundreds of possible spartan tattoo ideas just waiting for someone’s interpretation. There is plenty of historical information about them available online if you want to do some research into it yourself. But if you’re starting with your first ink, you should discuss the idea with a professional and see what they think.

Most Spartan tattoos depict battle scenes and symbols associated with Spartans, such as the helmet, shield, swords, and spears.

Spartan Warriors Tattoos

Spartan warrior tattoos are an excellent choice for people with a warrior spirit and who like to show off their bravery in the face of adversity. These men were brave until the end and would always put themselves in dangerous situations to protect others! They represent everything that Sparta was and more.






































Spartan Helmet Tattoos

One of the most iconic helmets is the Spartan helmet, partly because of the hit movie 300. A Spartan helmet tattoo symbolizes courage and strength. Usually, you will see a Spartan warrior behind the helmet in many tattoo designs, but the helmet itself is pretty common too. Many people get this tattoo on their chests or shoulders, but you can get it anywhere if there is space.

Spartan Shield Tattoos

The spartan shield tattoo is an excellent choice of design that shows off bravery and courage even in the face of death. The Spartans used the shields like an extension of their body. Soldiers were severely punished if they lost their shields in the battle, more so than if they lost any other part of their armor. They wore the other armor to protect themselves, but they used the shield for the common good of their fellow soldiers. If one shield is lost, the whole unit is lost. Hence the spartan shield tattoo also represents unity.

300 Spartan Tattoos

One of the most common spartan tattoos still relevant today is the 300 Spartan tattoos made famous by the movie 300. If you like the idea of having a Spartan shield and helmet but want something a little bit different, then you should consider getting this tattoo.

In the movie, Leonidas led his army against Xerxes in the Battle of Thermopylae. In the story, Leonidas led 300 men against the entire Persian army. The Spartans held off the Persians for seven days before the Persians flanked them. It had one of the most famous last stands in history. Many people are fascinated by the Spartan army because of the movie and thus inspired by it.


Spartan tattoo designs are incredibly masculine. They look best on a larger scale (on the back, chest, or shoulders) with lots of details. Smaller designs can be quite striking. Small helmet outlines or wings look good on the hands, wrists, feet, or stomach. Spartan symbols are also commonly used to create sleeve and full-back tattoos.

Spartan Tattoo on Arm
























Various Spartan Tattoos






























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