28+ DIY Cottage-Style Garden Decor Ideas

Garden Gazebo Surrounded by Flowers



Vine and Floral Archway


Winding Garden Pathway


Whiskey Barrel Lily Pond


Stone Fairy House


Hanging Boot Planters


Wooden Wagon with Floral Planters

Stacked Terra Cotta Bird Bath


Hang a Hammock Between Trees


Wishing Well Surrounded by Plants


Add Weathered Old Doors as the Garden Gate


Wood and Vine Arbor


Add a Teacup Bird Feeder to the Garden


Rose Arch Gazebo


White Trellis and Gate Covered in Flowers and Vines


Rustic Fairy Garden Feature

Wooden Trellis Surrounding Sundial


Glass Garden Greenhouse


Old Rusty Bicycle Planter


Wooden Ladder Plant and Birdhouse Stand


Weathered Table with Old Watering Can Planters

Stone Statuary with Green Shrubs


Add Stone Borders with Walkways


Textured Bowl Bird Bath


Fill Baskets with Fresh Cut Blooms


Wooden Spool Table in Corner of Wooden Gazebo


Buried Stone Pathway


Mixed Level Borders in Gardens


Stacked Corner Planters

Add a Large Variety of Flowers in a Single Color


Always Include a White Picket Fence


Add Twinkle Lights on Your Pergola


Garden Bench Under Pergola

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