15+ Fresh Ideas for Decorating Your Yard & Garden




2. Yard Ornament Ideas

Every season offers opportunities to decorate for the holidays with lawn and garden décor that will carry the celebration outside. In the summertime, look for patriotic flags and outdoor lanterns that can line pathways and add a special touch to your yard and garden. Is this the year that you will upgrade your home’s address sign at the front of your yard? And don’t forget to scout out the perfect locale for an adorable birdhouse that you can keep an eye on from a nearby window.

3. Share Outdoor Inspiration

Your patio or deck area might not be the first place where you think about decorating the walls, but chances are there is some prime wall real estate that could benefit from outdoor plaques or inspirational signs. From garden-worthy proclamations to grow and thrive, to pretty prints of poppies to shabby chic screen doors, there are lots of creative options to add personality to your outdoor space.


4. Decorative Garden Statues

When it comes to outdoor accents, a garden statue can be a lovely addition. Arrange a few small ceramic animal statues, such as birds, a pair of bunnies, or a fox throughout your garden. Or, go for something more prominent, like a roman goddess or an angel to watch over your blooms. Of course, you can always opt for a garden silhouette that is more playful and colorful too – it’s all a reflection of your personal style!

5. Watch Nature in Action

When it’s entertainment you seek, a hummingbird feeder can deliver hours of fast-moving bird watching. Hang one on your patio or in front of a picture window and fill it with sugar water, then sit back and enjoy the comings and goings of nature’s smallest winged performers.

6. Garden Seating

What good is a garden if you don’t give yourself a chance to spend some time and enjoy it? There is nothing more inviting than finding a nice place to stop and contemplate nature’s beauty.

Arrange a small table and two chairs in some shade, place a round tree bench around a prominent tree, or hang a comfy swing from a strategic branch where you can while away the summer days. Have a few outdoor accents such as throw pillows on hand so you can get comfortable and hang a lovely wind chime nearby to enjoy its beauty and its song. You are ready to host a good friend to sip lemonade and sit awhile.

While adding a fire pit to a backyard garden, it is a great way to enjoy your garden areas after the sun goes down. Place a few seats and string lights for a special evening ambiance.

7. Flower Bed Decorating Ideas

After you’ve planted your flowers and mulched your garden beds, you may be looking to add a little something more decor to your garden design. Think about how you can add a level or two of visual interest. Add a whiskey barrel and fill with another set of blooms. Place an old distressed wooden stepladder toward the back of your garden and add pots of flowers or a birdhouse to each step. Add wind spinners or an English garden orb for color and movement. Don’t forget to add accent pieces above eye level. Hanging flower baskets filled with arrangements of your favorite blooms will add garden appeal and color while drawing the eye upward. String lights along your garden path will light your way after dark. There are so many possibilities!

Want to get the kids involved with flower bed decorating? Try helping them make their own personalized garden stepping stones with our directions.



8. Water Fountains to Add Beauty to Your Garden

It can be easy to spend the majority of time decorating your garden with flowering blooms, charming sculptures, and trailing vines. Take a moment to consider adding the special touch of a garden fountain to your backyard paradise. The relaxing sound of trickling water can easily be added to any outdoor area with today’s fountains. Watch it transform an ordinary garden into a magical oasis with the gentle sound of flowing water.



9. Tiered Fountains

Also known as spilling fountains, this style has endured in popularity for hundreds of years. It lends itself to being the centerpiece of your garden and can take a little more work to design and maintain depending on how ornate you would like it to be. It can be as simple as a pedestal stand-alone style, or as grand as a large pool with multiple tiers. Keep in mind that these kinds of fountains will deliver more vigorous water sound, the bigger they are.

10. Solar Garden Fountains

These types of fountains have the versatility of going anywhere without being restricted to an electric source. Many solar fountains have a long solar cord that can be placed in a sunny location even when you place the fountain in a shaded area. There are many style options to choose from and can make designing your garden an easy and enjoyable exercise


11. Disappearing Fountain

These types of fountains seem to disappear into the space around them. The water reservoir is hidden beneath the ground out of sight, so there is no open pond or basin, making it a good choice whenever there are small children around. It is particularly easy to care for since water doesn’t pool, algae doesn’t grow and there is no place for dirt or leaves to accumulate.

12. Wall Fountain

Small spaces, such as courtyards or entryways, are ideal places for a wall fountain. Choose one that fits nicely on the wall space you have available. Usually, there are options that are either freestanding or mounted. Either way, it can be lovely to add the relaxing sound of water in a small space. Add an outdoor accent light to spotlight your wall fountain in the evening for a beautiful effect.

Regardless of the water fountain design you choose, you’ll be adding the relaxing sound of moving water into your backyard garden sanctuary.


13. Hanging Garden Ideas

When you don’t have any room in your footprint to add a garden, then it’s time to get the hang of it. Hanging baskets come in a variety of sizes and styles. Hang several in sunny windows throughout your home. Keep a hanging herb garden in the kitchen so it’s handy to snip a few herbs into your dinner’s entrée. Hanging glass terrariums can be visual masterpieces that are stunning to look at and serve double duty as an accent to your room.


14. Patio Gardens

No matter how big your patio may be, a raised planter box or two may be all you need to add the beauty of a seasonal garden to your outdoor space. Dedicate one container to a selection of lettuce and salad greens. Let flowers bloom in another one. The beauty of planter boxes allows you to satisfy whatever kind of garden just on a smaller scale.


15. Rooftop Garden

If apartment living sends you to the roof for your gardening opportunity, then embrace this unique location. Choose hearty plants that can stand up to relentless sunlight, rain and winds. Solar garden décor adds a nice touch and with all the sun of a rooftop garden, is well-fueled to shine all evening long.


16. Small Space Vegetable Gardening

Even the smallest of spaces can produce a bounty of veggies, so if you yearn to add fresh ingredients right from your own garden to your table, then start with a raised garden bed and a patch of full sun. No room in the back yard for a garden? A container garden on the front porch may be your best option. Chose a mix of plants that tolerate sun and shade to give you more options. Ask your local garden store for advice on which plants make good garden mates. Group your containers in groups of three to create a homey, mini garden look. Dress up your porch garden with little seasonal accents like a whimsical solar snail, a new welcome mat or strategically placed a wind chime to bring music to your ears.

17. Vertical Garden

If your patio, fence or back porch has more wall space than square footage, then consider going vertical with your gardening aspirations. Hang baskets on a wall, or transform an interesting piece of wall art, like a shutter or garden gate, and use it as a foundation to create pockets for small plants. Partner up a garden trellis with a garden container and choose plants that like to aim high, like climbing roses, ivy or hydrangea, then watch your garden reach for the sky. Add outdoor hanging lights for an ethereal effect.

18. Window Garden Ideas

Whether you have a bay window that soaks up the sun like its own mini greenroom, or you just happen to have a spare window ledge that gets some good natural light, a window garden can provide the perfect locale to add greenery or blooms in an eclectic mix of garden pots or in a single long window box. Try a different approach and fill a window box with easy maintenance succulents for a gorgeous look.

19. Container Gardening Basics

Container gardening is not only beautiful, but it saves space with visual attractions that never fail to grab attention. You don’t need a lot of experience or a plot of land to make your own little garden project. Just a few containers will get you started with growing no matter how much, or little, space you might have. Container gardening is one of the fastest and easiest gardening forms to learn. Whether flowers, veggies or herbs are in your sights, these handy tips will help your diy container garden flourish.

20. Container Selection Is Key

Get started on the right foot with the right garden planter for your plants. There are many artful styles and options for containers. From whimsical and bold to botanical beauties and eye-catching textures, container pots offer a wealth of possibilities before you even plant a single bloom.

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