14+ Creative Ideas for Hanging Plants Outdoors For Your Garden

Bottle Hangers

Use glass bottles to hang your favorite garden flowers and wildflowers. Just wrap some twine or string around the bottle and hang from a tree limb.

Hanging Basket Plant Stand

Avoid having to attach a hook to your home and try this hanging basket idea. This hanging basket plant stand is a great way to hang a small plant at your home’s entryway. This hanging basket plant stand can also be used indoors.

Try some of these pretty hanging planter ideas to brighten up your home.


Wall Plants

Try attaching small pots to a fence or even a pallet propped up against the side of the house to grow flowers or herbs. Just make sure the space gets plenty of sun.

Don’t have a fence? Here are 10 modern fence ideas to consider.



Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Planter

This hanging planter can be used outdoors or in. Try using it to grow your favorite flowers or some cascading ivy.

These 12 DIY flower towers are a great way to add color to your backyard.


Plants on a Rail

These small pots are hanging from a steel rail, which is a great idea if you’re short on garden space. While flowers would work well in this deck rail plant hangers space, you could also try herbs, small lettuces and even some peppers.

Here are a dozen vegetables you can grow in pots.


Hanging Pot Rope Holder

If you already have a pot in mind, you can make your own hanging pot with some rope. Find the full instructions with photos at Instructables.




Upside Down Tomatoes

These tomato plants hang from homemade bucket pots that are attached to a fence. This over the fence plant hangers way of growing tomatoes works well for those short on gardening space.


Hanging Basket on Tree

If you pick up a hanging basket of flowers from your favorite garden center, try hanging it someplace besides on a shepherd’s hook this season. Depending on the type of plant and its sun requirements, try hanging the basket on a tree branch.

If your tree needs pruning, try these smart techniques.


Balcony Flowers

If you have a balcony, try decorating it with a mix of flowing flowers. Baskets attached to the railing and hanging baskets with cascading flowers can create a cheery European look.

Here are 10 balcony gardening tips and tricks.


Flowers on a Pergola Trellis

If you have a trellis, gazebo or pergola, some flowers can grow and spread along with the structure and create shade. Wisteria hangs on this pergola, adding color to the backyard.

Try building your own backyard pergola with these plans.



Bottle Planters

If you’re looking to get plants started for the season, try planting them in a recycled water or soda bottle that has been cut in half, then hang them. This concept could also work for small plants such as succulents.

Here are some tips if you’re looking to start seeds indoors.

Hanging Terrarium

This hanging terrarium can be used indoors or out. Try hanging it from a corner of the porch or from a pergola.

Create your own terrarium with these 12 tips.



Recycled Hanging Pot

Try painting an old pot or even a coffee mug and hang it from the fence. This is a great way to get your kids involved in gardening as they can help paint the pots, choose the plants and plant them.

Try growing these patio plants this season.


Wall Pots

Hang some pots on the side of your home or along a fence to plant a variety of flowers and plants. Using planters that are square opposed to round will work better for this project.

Check out these 14 inspiring DIY flower walls.

Living Wall Art

Living wall planters are a great way to hang plants. Try succulents to create some unique wall art for your outdoor lounge space.

Learn how to make a wood log planter for succulents.


Drying Plants

When you’re ready to dry herbs or some of your favorite native plants, try bundling them together and hanging them from the fence. Not only will you dry out the plants for use later, but it creates a stunning look when several are hung together.



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