10+ Flowering Bulbs for the Prettiest Garden

1. Snowdrop

A member of the amaryllis family, these petite, charming white flowers with nodding heads pop up when snow still is on the ground in early spring. Snowdrops are deer and rodent resistant, so they’re a good choice if hungry garden visitors tend to eat your other bulbs

2. Anemone

When planted in warm climates in fall, these stunning flowers appear in early spring. In cold climates, plant in spring for early summer flowers (though you’ll have to dig up the corms before winter and replant again next year because they can’t withstand prolonged freezing temperatures).

3. Winter Aconite

This low-growing, clumping flower shows off bright yellow blooms in late winter or early spring. It naturalizes readily in the right growing conditions. Rodents also tend to leave the tubers alone.

4. Tulip

These stately flowers are a must-have in any spring garden. Tulips come in every shade you can imagine and bloom early, mid or late-spring, depending on the variety. Some have double petals or ruffled blooms. Most types of tulips flower best the first year, then taper off. But a few types, such as Darwin hybrids, usually return for a few years. A more petite type of tulip, species tulips, tend to naturalize so they’re a good choice if you want repeat blooms.

5. Hyacinth

The strong fragrance of these lovely, sturdy spring flowering bulbs make them worth planting. They come in various shades of blue, white, and pink and make a reliable return performance for many years, typically blooming in mid to late spring. Rodents tend to leave them alone.

6. Grape Hyacinth

These adorable flowers look like the baby brothers of full-sized hyacinths. They have a milder, grape-like fragrance and make a beautiful plant for rock gardens or to edge beds and walkways. They bloom in mid to late spring and are available in white, pink, purple, blue, and variegated purple.

7. Fritillaria

These unique flowers have large, nodding bell-shaped flowers above grassy foliage. They’re quite striking in appearance and come in unique forms and colors ranging from a checkered pattern to bright orange to deep purple.

8. Crocus

The cheerful little heads of crocus often appear when snow still is on the ground. They come in a variety of bright shades from purest white to deep purple. But they are a delicacy to digging rodents, such as chipmunks, so plant them with other less-tasty bulbs, such as daffodils, to ensure you aren’t just feeding your neighborhood rodents

9. Leucojum

Petite white bells on arching stems make these delightful flowers just right for edging walkways. They bloom mid-spring, and deer and rodents don’t usually bother them.

10. Dutch Iris

These darling flowers pop up from thin, swordlike foliage with orchid-like blooms in mid to late spring. They make excellent cut flowers and come in a variety of colors including white, yellow, and amethyst.

11. Daffodil

Sunny yellow daffodils are a sure sign spring has arrived. These are some of the most carefree, reliable bulbs. Plus, rodents and deer avoid them. They bloom early, mid and late season depending on the variety and come in heights ranging from a few inches to about 2 feet tall

12. Allium

Alliums are striking ball-shaped flowers that make outstanding accents in spring beds. Rodents tend to leave alliums alone. They come in heights ranging from a few inches to a several feet tall.

13. Papaver

These gorgeous ruffled, papery-looking flowers bloom from late spring to early summer. The roots should be planted in fall, though some types can be planted in spring.


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