Prepare to Be Amazed: The Most Incredible Birth Photos Ever Captured Will Leave You Speechless!




Today I want to start the week with these powerful images. Images that will touch every heart, soul and probably will bring all your memories of childbirth back.

There is this incredible image contest happening, hosted by Birth Becomes Her. Images from all over the world that inspire and empower the act of giving birth. Emotions, tears, joy and the beginning of a new life.


Birth Becomes Her was created in 2014 by birth photographers, Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason. An international community of birth photographers that work together to help the industry grow.

For the 2018 contest they received over 1200 images from birth photographers around the world. And there are five categories for photographers to submit to:Hospital, out-of-hospital, colour, black and white, and postpartum.

Here is a selection:





Inge Berken

Tula Q Photography

Lucy Cruickshank






Maggie Shackelford

Bearth Side Photography

Deeply Rooted

Catherine Winter

Lillian Craze

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